This is what some couples have said about their humanist wedding or funeral:

“Thank you so much for a literally perfect day! In our heads, it couldn’t have been better. Your sincere tone, humour and personal touch was invaluable to our ceremony.”

“Thank you ever so much for your fantastic coordination of the ceremony and your words on such a special day for us. We’re glad to have you as part of our day – you really added something special to it.”

“Thank you for such a special and individual ceremony. We had so many positive comments about it from guests throughout the day – even from several of the sceptical older generation who said it was beautiful and unlike any wedding they had been to before!”

“The service was funny, warm, emotional and all the way through I kept thinking that dad would’ve loved this. In fact, so many people came up to me after and said the whole thing was such a perfect tribute to and representation of Dave.”

“We were amazed at how well you took the tangled mess of our conversation and unravelled it to make such a beautifully flowing eulogy. I do think our dad would have really got on with you, and hopefully vice versa.”

“Thank you for giving dad a perfect send off, we all appreciate it very much.”